About Us

We are an award-winning digital product design studio, which combines strategy, design and WebGL to set our clients apart from their competitors while creating meaningful things that brands reflect.

Growth Focused

Crescosa focuses on business growth from roots to leaves. Let’s be honest, who likes meaningless investments, right? We perfectly understand that your, as well as our, success depends on the quality of our work, so we do our best while playing on the creative side of the field. Crescosa offers its own way to success, which is divided into three steps - concept, design, development. We believe that a project can only be successful when all the three parts are done step by step. You’re probably wondering why you’re seeing crystals on our website. Well, we do believe that every crystal has value, it just needs a proper jeweller to help them reach their potential. We image ourselves as jewellers, just from a different angle. So, if you’re looking for one, we’re just letting you know that we are here to help you.Let’s make the first step in your project, let’s stand out.

Awards & Recognition

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2019 “Crescosa” Mobile excellence “Awwards”

2019 “Crescosa” Honorable mention “Awwards”

2019 “Crescosa” Website of the day “CSSDA”

2019 “Crescosa” UX design “CSSDA”

2019 “Crescosa” UI design “CSSDA”

2019 “Crescosa” Innovation “CSSDA”

2019 “Crescosa” Website of the day “Csswinner”

2019 “Crescosa” Web design trends 2019 “Uxpin”

2018 “Goštauto LAB” Star “Csswinner”

2018 “B’side” Star “Csswinner”

2018 “Goštauto LAB” Star “Csswinner”

2018 “Crescosa” Innovation “Cssdesignawards”

2018 “Crescosa” UI design “Cssdesignawards”

2018 “Crescosa” UX design “CSSDA”

2018 “Crescosa” 3 Essential Design Trends “WebDPot”.

2018 “Crescosa” Booster of the month “Boostlizer”

2018 “Crescosa” Special kudos “CSSDA”

2018 “Crescosa” Site of the day “Csswinner”

2018 “Crescosa” Honorable mention “Awwwards”

Awards & recognitions
Small team, big impact

Our Services


Creative strategy, research, design thinking, design sprint, branding, identity systems & guidelines, tone of voice, art direction, copy writing, content writing.


User interface, user experience, visual design, product design, illustration, motion design, 3D design, 2D & 3D animations, photo & video, sound design.


Front-end development, back-end development, WEGL, VR & AR, web applications, websites, wordpress development.

Services to help your stand out from competitors

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The creators

A sign of a good team is a versatile approach to the same content. Each of our team members is different and has a particular viewpoint to the same project.

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Let’s make first step in your project !

Starting is always the hardest part. Do you know what’s the good part about starting with us? We make it simple and easy for you! Don’t believe us?Check it out yourself.